General Business, Management, Executive

President, Vice President, Director, General Manager, Plant Manager, CEO, COO, CFO, CIO

President, Vice President, Director, General Manager, Plant Manager, CEO, COO, CFO, CIO

LDA Enterprises, Ltd

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General Business, Management, Executive

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Finding the right job is hard work. According to both the Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY only about 25% of all professionals and executives find a new position through responding to published advertisements and internet postings, or by using recruiters and search firms. Yet the average job seeker spends 90% of their time focusing on only that small percentage of potential opportunities. You may also be surprised to learn that the most qualified candidate seldom gets the job. The person who does get hired is usually the one perceived to be the most qualified. Those who get the best jobs are those individuals who understand that job searching is a skill and become adept at practicing that skill. 

We can help you cut through the competition and find the right position at the best income 


EMPLOYMENT CLINICâ„¢, division of LDA Enterprises, Ltd
West End Plaza, 1660 South Hwy 100, Suite 500
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416
Fax: (952) 697-3667 
Email: [Click Here to Email Your Resumé]

Founded in 1980, L.D.A. Enterprises, Ltd. is a critically acclaimed CAREER MANAGEMENT GROUP with corporate offices located in the Twin Cities. We serve as the job seeker's Agent with an outstanding reputation for assisting professionals to achieve important career and compensation goals. Our company has assisted individuals nationwide in achieving career and financial objectives.  Our programs have been nationally recognized for excellence and our President, Lawrence Alter is an acclaimed industry authority and expert advisor. His advice has been frequently quoted in many major newspapers as well as numerous online publications. Additionally, his career column, “The EmploymentClinic," appeared for several years in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minnesota's second largest newspaper publication.
Our guidance has proven to be a major element in differentiating between final candidates where there is typically little difference in competency, and the hiring decision is almost always based upon subjective factors such as the individual's personality style, body language, and manner of being interviewed. Our process concentrates on personal marketing techniques and sound communication and self-presentation skills designed to convey individual talents and abilities. It focuses on building the all-important “chemistry" requisite to obtaining a job offer and provides everything from hand-holding and hard-nosed business advice to maximizing compensation packages.


If the following describes your situation, please fax or email your resume. We will not waste your time. If we can help, we will contact you to set up a FREE confidential assessment of your background and marketability.  

  • Your job search has gone on for months or longer with no results 

  • You have sent out hundreds of resumes Ð and had no interviews 

  • You are unable to get job interviews for the right level or type of position 

  • You are getting job interviews but not offers 

  • You are in a stagnant industry or you desire a career change 

  • You need help in successfully tapping the unpublished or hidden job market 

  • You have been passed over for promotion or your career growth has slowed or stalled 

  • You are worth more than your employer is paying you 

  • You feel you have been discriminated against based on age, race, gender, or sexual preference 

  • You think you may have been hurt by poor references 

  • You are leaving a government or non-profit job, or you are a former military officer  


    Lawrence Alter
    Employment Clinicâ„¢, division of LDA Enterprises, Ltd.
     West End Plaza, 1660 South Hwy 100, Suite 500
     Minneapolis, MN 55416
     Email: [Click Here to Email Your Resumé]
     Fax: 952-697-3667

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**ATTENTION: CANDIDATES WHO LIVE IN MINNESOTA, NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, IOWA, OR WESTERN WISCONSIN AND HAVE MADE AT LEAST $90,000 ANNUALLY.  If you are an executive or senior manager and live in Minnesota or are relocating to the State of Minnesota, we may be able to help you!


  • You have earned at least $90,000 annually
  • You possess at least 15 years of leadership experience in progressive roles
  • You are a leader with verifiable achievements
  • You are currently or have been one of the following: a Corporate President, Vice President, or Director; Senior or Mid-level Manager; Company Controller, General Manager, or Plant Manager; an Executive in the non-profit world; a Military Officer; an Educational Administrator; a Partner in a Law firm, Accounting firm, or Consulting practice; a Business Owner; or Legislator/Politician.  
  • You have experience in any of the following areas: Sales, marketing, or new business development; engineering, manufacturing, or operations management; financial management including accounting, audit, treasury, or collections; information technology and computer systems; supply chain management; transportation; facilities management; security; risk management; corporate communications, public relations, or advertising; human resource management; the scientific community; a retiring military officer, Attorney or Legal Administrator, Government Administrator, non-profit Director, or Consultant.

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