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April, 5 2017
Hotel Investor Survey
Hotel Capitalization Reflect Cautious Optimism
The results of the US Realty Consultants Winter 2017 Hotel Investor Survey continue to show remarkable resilience and optimism in the hotel sector. Read more
Travel Marketing
Spring Travel Heating Up - By Kurt Weinsheimer
Spring Travel Heating Up
In order to understand how the wanderlust bug has struck travelers around the world, Sojern’s latest Global Travel Insights report digs into spring travel planning patterns. We’ve pulled together the most interesting North American travel trends as well as ways to turn these insights into strategic marketing campaigns. Read more
Emerging Technologies
Oracle Hotel 2025 and Oracle Restaurant 2025 Reports Audit Consumer Attitudes on Emerging Technologies and Their Impact on Future Hospitality Experiences
Operators Begin To Consider Investment in Wearable Technology
Oracle Hospitality Research Identifies the Future of IoT, Virtual Reality and Wearables in the Guest Experience Read more
U.S. Employment Trends
Workers Reveal Plans to Land New Jobs in 2017
A new year means new beginnings, new opportunities, new resolutions, and for some workers, a new job. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, more than one in five workers (22 percent) are planning to change jobs in 2017, similar to last year (21 percent). Read more
Sustainable Travel
Over Half of North American Companies Have Corporate Sustainability Programs in Place
Opportunity Exists for Travel Management Professionals To Consider Sustainable Practices When Contracting With Suppliers Read more
Hotel Communal Spaces
JLL Real Views - Why Hotels Are Charging Up for Electric Vehicles
An Electric Charging Station at Ritz-Carlton
An award-winning bar, exclusive spa, and electric vehicle charging stations? For some major hotel chains, power points that enable guests to recharge their cars on the premises are a new perk. Read more
U.S. Restaurant Trends
Initial Technomic Study Findings Show Slowing Restaurant Sales and Unit Growth in 2016
Technomic's 2017 Top 500 Report suggests leading operators are experiencing challenges to build market share Read more
Hotel Social Media Trends
Food & Restaurants Create the Most Social Media Buzz for Hotels
Food & Restaurants Create the Most Social Media Buzz for Hotels
The 5 Hotel Experiences Guests Are Talking About Most on Social Media Read more
Guest Reviews
How Do Smart Hotel Management Firms Actually Handle Guest Reviews?
How Do Smart Hotel Management Firms Actually Handle Guest Reviews?
One of the primary reasons that HMG operations execs place such high emphasis on reputation/review management is because positive guest scores and reviews ultimately lead to more deals. If an HMG has a reputation for quality service in their hotels, everyone benefits. In the case of a flagged hotel, more franchise agreements are written for the brand and more management agreements are given to the HMG. Read more
White Paper Series
Lodging Interactive Launches Educational White Paper Series
'Each white paper is a brief five pages that can be read online or downloaded as a PDF document. We’ve purposely kept them as short as possible while being meaningful.' Read more

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ADA Compliance
Judge Dismisses ADA Website Lawsuit - By Jim Butler

Market Report Thailand
Growth Continues As Thailand Hits Visitor and Revenue Targets for First Quarter 2017

Market Report U.S.
Positive Performance Metrics for US Hotel Industry for Week Ending March 25th - 2017

Market Report Canada
Positive Performance Metrics for Canadian Hotel Industry Week Ending 25 March 2017

Market Report Europe
International Tourists to the European Union Reach Almost Half a Billion In 2016

Hotel Booking Trends
Weakening March Reservation Pace Creates New Challenges for Hoteliers

Hotel Sales Training
Hotel Sales - Are You Giving Your Guests Enough RevPAH? - By Doug Kennedy

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