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May, 16 2017
Construction Pipeline Middle East And Africa
Middle East Hotel Development Pipeline Under Contract Up 2.5 Percent YOY for April 2017
STR pipeline data shows the Middle East region reported 83,980 rooms in 272 hotels in construction in April 2017. Africa reported 31,004 rooms in 172 hotels under construction for the month. Read more
Virtual Reality In The Hotel Industry
The Impact - And Importance - Of Virtual Reality In the Hotel Industry - By Alan Young President, Puzzle Partner Ltd
The Impact - And Importance - Of Virtual Reality In the Hotel Industry
Imagine a traveler considering a stay at your hotel. Your potential guest 'virtually' walks through one of your luxury suites, exploring all the amenities and even taking in the sweeping view from the window. Or a guest staying in your hotel aims their smartphone in any direction to discover information about nearby attractions and to find their way to the pool. Welcome to the world of augmented reality (AR). Read more
Hospitality Assets
HVS Report - Purchase Price Allocations for Hospitality Assets - By Tim Sauer
I recently attended a presentation where the presenter used a hamburger as an analogy for a cost-segregation study. While most people just see a hamburger, he sees a beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a bun. That is to say, he doesn’t see a single piece of real estate, but numerous smaller assets that comprise the larger asset. The same can be said of a purchase price allocation (PPA). Read more
Summer Travel Trends
Americans Spring Into Summer With More Long Weekend Trips
Americans Spring Into Summer With More Long Weekend Trips
Long weekend trips are in. Nearly three quarters of Americans are planning to take a long weekend trip this summer, according to data released by Travelzoo (NASDAQ: TZOO). Read more
The 2017 Smart Decision Guide To Hotel Guest Experience Management
Guest Experience Management - 'How To' Guide Helps Hoteliers Achieve Success
Starfleet Research last month released The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Guest Experience Management. The research has been featured in more than a dozen leading industry publications, including this one, and has already helped guide the strategic directions and technology buying decisions of hundreds of hoteliers around the world. Read more
U.S. Travel Industry Trends
CheapOair Data Shows Healthy Travel Industry in First Quarter of 2017
The report shows that travel within the United States is up nearly 50% since 2013, while outbound travel to international destinations is up a massive 170%. Read more
U.S. Airline Performance Trends
February 2017 U.S. Airline Traffic Data
February 2017 U.S. Airline Traffic Data
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) reported last week that U.S. airlines’ systemwide (domestic and international) scheduled service load factor fell to 82.6 percent in February, seasonally adjusted, falling for the third consecutive month. Read more
Construction Pipeline U.S.
U.S. Hotel Construction Pipeline Under Contract for April 2017 Up 14.7 Percent over 2016
The U.S. reported 189,806 rooms in 1,456 hotel projects in construction during April 2017, according to STR. That total represents a 17.9% year-over-year increase in rooms in construction. Read more
Skyscraper Hotels
JLL Real Views - Sky High Demand: the Surge in Skyscraper Hotels - By Neasa MacErlean - By Natasha Stokes
Sky High Demand: the Surge in Skyscraper Hotels
Hotels are well versed in making their guests feel on top of the world but a growing number are now allowing them to wine, dine and sleep hundreds of meters above ground level as well. Read more

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Investment Trends And Challenge
The Lodging Industry Investment Council’s Top Ten: Investment Trends and Challenges - By Jim Butler

Market Report U.K.
HVS Report - The Hotel Bulletin: Q1 2017 for the U.K. Market - By Russell Kett (PDF Download)

Market Report London
London Hotels Report 10.3 Percent RevPAR Growth for April 2017

Market Report Middle East
MENA Chain Hotels Market Review - March 2017

Market Report Munich
Munich Hotels Report Dramatic 46.5 Percent Drop in RevPAR for April 2017

Market Report U.S.
Positive Performance Metrics for US Hotel Industry for Week Ending May 6th - 2017

Market Report Canada
Positive Performance Metrics for Canadian Hotel Industry Week Ending 6 May 2017

Hotel Marketing Advice
7 Lessons Your Mom Taught You About Hotel Marketing

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