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February, 17 2017
U.S. Airline Industry Performance
2016 U.S. Flight Cancellation, Mishandled Baggage, and Bumping Rates Are Lowest in Decades
In 2016, the reporting carriers canceled 1.17 percent of their scheduled domestic flights, an improvement over the 1.5 percent cancellation rate in 2015 and the lowest in the 22 years with comparable numbers, according to the Air Travel Consumer Report (ATCR) released yesterday. Read more
Construction Pipeline Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific Hotel Development Pipeline Under Contract Up 2.2 Percent YOY for January 2017
The region reported 270,803 rooms in 1,176 projects In Construction for the month. Based on number of rooms, that is a 6.2% increase in year-over-year comparisons. Read more
U.S. Air Ticket Sales Trends
U.S. Travel Agency Air Ticket Sales Up Nearly 6 Percent in January
Total transactions increased more than 11 percent vs. 2016 Read more
Construction Pipeline Middle East And Africa
Middle East Hotel Development Pipeline Under Contract Up 5.1 Percent YOY for January 2017
STR’s January 2017 Pipeline Report shows 159,581 rooms in 556 hotel projects Under Contract in the Middle East and 58,850 rooms in 313 projects Under Contract in Africa. Read more
Data Security
Cloud PMS - A Safe Bet for Security, Liability and Payments - By Jos Schaap
Data Security
In the hotel industry, nothing is more important than making guests happy. Nothing that is, except keeping them safe. This is relevant no matter what the issues are and whether technology is involved or not. It’s every hotelier’s worst nightmare: a data breach that shatters the brand’s reputation and destroys guest trust. In the past, managing data security as a hotel owner may not have been a priority, but it is now - and should be top of mind. Read more
Cuba Travel Trends
Cuba Travel Projected to Grow in 2017, According to Key Industry Travel Trends Survey
Demand for Cuba travel is not slowing among American travelers despite the continued U.S. government restrictions limiting approved travel to the island nation via 12 authorized categories, based on trend information being released today. Read more
The Future Of Hotel Technology
New Study Reveals Hoteliers Envision Similar Industry Technology in 2020 As Ten Years Ago
The Future of Hotel Technology
Research by Peter O’Connor, IDeaS, Revinate and SiteMinder shows little progress planned for future advancement within hotel technology. Read more
Construction Pipeline Central/South America
Central/South America Hotel Development Pipeline Under Contract Down 14.3 Percent YOY for January 2017
The region reported 28,626 rooms in 175 projects In Construction for the month. Based on number of rooms, that is an 11.7% decrease in year-over-year comparisons. Read more
Construction Pipeline Caribbean And Mexico
Caribbean And Mexican Hotel Rooms Under Construction For January 2017 Down 9.4 Percent over 2016
STR’s January 2017 Pipeline Report shows 33,833 rooms in 199 hotel projects Under Contract in the Caribbean/Mexico region. The total represents a 4.4% increase in rooms Under Contract compared with January 2016. Read more
The 2016 Smart Decision Guide To Hotel Property Management Systems
Time to Upgrade Your Property Management System? Here Are 5 Features to Keep in Mind
There are plenty of reasons for hoteliers to migrate from a legacy property management system (PMS) to a state-of-the-art system designed to meet their current and future market needs. In fact, according to The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems, more than one-quarter (27%) of hoteliers who had not upgraded their PMS within the past 3 years indicated that they planned to do so in the next 12 months. Read more

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