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March, 8 2017
The Travel Booking Conundrum
The Travel Booking Conundrum: Closing the Gap Between Browsing and Transacting on Mobile - By Alan Young President, Puzzle Partner Ltd
In the report titled 'U.S. Mobile Shipping and Booking,' Phocuswright addresses one of the biggest challenges for travel and hospitality brands in today’s mobile-centric world; how to ensure that consumers book trips and hotels after their search process is completed and that they finalize their booking where they searched - using the mobile app. Read More
The 2017 Smart Decision Guide To Hospitality Revenue Management
Hospitality Revenue Management 101: Selling the Right Space at the Right Price at the Right Time to the Right Guest
Starfleet Research has released of The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Hospitality Revenue Management. It is currently available for complimentary access. Read more
SaaS Software
CFO/Controller Alert: Hotel SaaS Will Make Your Life Easier - By Jos Schaap
CFO/Controller Alert: Hotel SaaS will make your life easier
A hotel CFO or Controller has a very difficult job in today’s demanding hospitality environment. They not only have to ensure that the hotel increases profitability month over month and year over year, but they must also have a deep understanding of all the latest technologies that can be implemented to reduce costs and gain efficiencies. Read more
Global Air Travel Trends
Global Air Travel Demand Up 9.6% YOY for January 2017
Passenger Demand Growth Hits Five-Year Peak in January Read more
Hotel Price Index
Global Hotel Prices Remained Steady In 2016
Hotel Price Index Reports Slight Increase in US Hotel Room Prices in 2016 with Savings for Americans Traveling Abroad Read more
U.S. Travel Research Round-Up
Research Round-Up: Travel Exports Regain Pre-9/11 Share, Plus What Inflation Levels Say About Future Economic Growth
Travel Exports Finally Back Up to Pre-9/11 Levels
Earlier in February, the U.S. Department of Commerce reported that travel exports increased in December 2016 for the sixth month in a row, after declining for much of the first half of the year, bringing international travel’s share of total U.S. exports to 11.2 percent. This is the sector’s highest share of spending in the U.S. since 2000, just before the fallout from the September 11, 2001 attacks caused U.S. market share to plummet sharply among other global destinations. Read more
Cashless Transactions
Optimize Hotel Management with 'Just Right' Payment System
Optimize Hotel Management with 'Just Right' Payment System
No more bookkeeping! Change the way you do business and get superior with hospitality technology. Implement a right payment system, that allows your guests to make payment how and when they want to, in a secured and transparent way; while enhancing experience. Read more
Schedules That Work Act
Predicting the Future of Predictive Scheduling
Predicting the Future of Predictive Scheduling
New York City is the latest to explore legislation that could change the way restaurant and retail employers schedule employees for work. Read more
Hotel Stock Performance
U.S. Hotel Stocks Up 0.7 Percent for February 2017
The Hotel Brand sub-index reported a 2.4% increase to 5,028 from December to January. The Hotel REIT sub-index fell 2.7% to 1,595 during the month. Read more

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In Brief...

Mobile Direct Bookings
How Hoteliers Can Drive More Mobile Direct Bookings - By Ashley Proceviat

Travelers' Path To Purchase
Sojern and Google Team Up to Offer Hospitality Marketers a Holistic View of Travelers' Path to Purchase

Social Media Industry Report 2017: Airlines
Jet Blue, United and American Airlines Are Social Media’s Most Highly Ranked Airlines

Hotel Management Agreements
Hotel Management Agreement Negotiations - the Issues Which Currently Take Up the Time and Generate the Angst

European Cities Hotel Forecast
European City Hotels Set for Continued Growth in 2017-18

Hotel Booking Trends
Flattening Reservation Pace Presents Ongoing Challenge for Hoteliers

Market Report U.S.
Positive Performance Metrics for US Hotel Industry for Week Ending February 25th - 2017

Market Report Canada
Positive Performance Metrics for Canadian Hotel Industry Week Ending 25 February 2017

Restaurant Loyalty Program Trends
65% Of American Consumers Belong to at Least 1 Restaurant Loyalty Program

Hotel Sales Training
Hotel Sales - How To Follow-Up On Voice Reservations Inquiries With Personalized Emails And Phone Calls - By Doug Kennedy

Hotel Revenue Management
Stop Dangling the Wrong Carrots: How Revenue Incentive Plans Hurt Profits

Global Air Cargo Trends
Global Air Cargo Off to a Solid Start in 2017

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