For Sale - Moresby Island, BC

Moresby Island at 1,440 acres is the largest privately owned island within British Columbia’s renowned Southern Gulf Islands archipelago. This private island offering is as rare as it is impressive.

Blessed with over nine miles of shoreline, this marvelous private kingdom boasts a myriad of natural bays and private coves with sandy, pebble and clamshell beaches, each lined by some of the most spectacular sun-bleached driftwood Mother Nature can throw onto her shores.

Moresby Island enjoys a varied landscape and diverse topography. Natural forests of Douglas Fir, Maple, Cedar and Hemlock open onto rocky bluffs scattered with the unique, rust-barked Arbutus trees that are so characteristic of the Gulf Islands. The Island’s agricultural past also includes over 150 acres of cleared and productive farm fields where hay is grown and cattle and a few horses graze.

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